Stud Finder

Valentino from Sak's

I frequently take walks through high end department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue to scope out the latest trends and see how items are merchandised. After snapping this pic on my iPhone, I noticed a few of my favorite bloggers like Chiara from The Blonde Salad wearing these often.

Gladiator Sandals High Low

The gladiator sandals from Valentino are my favorite take on this trend. Although they are absolutely fabulous, their $695 price tag is not. If you want to achieve this high end look for less, here is a Zara version for only $49.90!

PVC Bow Flat

The other flat I love in this collection is the Valentino studded PVC blow flat. These are made in a variety of colors and cost $295. (Ouch!) A cheaper alternative to this look are these Aldo jellies. Although they do not contain as many studs, they have the same look and feel and only cost $25! 

Have a wonderful day 🙂


Back Up Plan

My favorite houseI am once again taking a trip down memory lane for this post. Here is an outfit I wore during my trip to New Orleans in April. On this particular night, we explored the Garden District and had a wonderful dinner at Commander’s Palace.

Commander's PalaceThe Garden District has some of the most gorgeous houses I have seen and they are truly my architectural aesthetic. (Is it possible to build a house like this in Boston or Brookline? Pretty please?)  As for dinner, the food at Commander’s Palace was unbelievably good and the service was outstanding. Since we were celebrating the completion of a very stressful presentation, we felt like it would be worth going all out and trying this restaurant with such an impressive reputation. Although we do not spend money on dining out like this very often, we felt like we truly received all that we paid for and more, which made it a worthwhile experience.

Walking to the restaurantOne of my friends was on the fence about this Tibi dress that I picked up a few months back and thought it was a little shall we say risqué.  The original price was almost $500 and I had my eye on it for quite some time. Finally when the price dropped to $75 I snagged it in February. Apparently there were some fit issues with it. (Ok, I’ll admit it was a little uncomfortable while sitting). Despite that it is a little tricky to wear, it reminded me of origami because it was so structured (for those of you who don’t know me very well, I leave a trail of origami paper cranes where ever I go). I know I will wear this frock again later this year with tights and ankle booties to a holiday party or two!

Back it up!I paired the dress with my Target shoes that were a part of the Prabul Gurung collection, and my leather jacket that has certainly earned it’s keep! Of course an outfit is never complete without a fabulous clutch. I especially treasure this leather one as it belonged to my grandmother, Grace.

Target Shoes from Prabul Gurung


Off to dinner we go!

Oh New Orleans… I miss you so much!!! Have a good day everybody 🙂

P!nk Rock

Inspiration From Bloomingdales

A few weeks ago I went to a P!nk concert. I saved this image from a Bloomingdales catalog and was hoping to somehow recreate it when I had the chance. Attending this show gave me the perfect opportunity to finally put together a rocker chic look.

Full Length Rocker Chic

I wore this Forever21 tee printed with one of my favorite Shakespeare quotes, my American Eagle Boyfriend Jeans, Rock & Republic bright blue Shoes (from Kohls) last worn here, and my leather jacket last worn here.

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 9.45.29 PM

Here is a faux version of my jacket that is  currently at Forever21.

Close Up

I love the fact that you can just switch out the tee shirts and shoes and make many different outfit combinations!

T Shirt Options

1. H&M, 2. 47Brand, 3. French Connection (50% Off at Newbury Street store)

Shoes Shoes Shoes

1. Victoria’s Secret, 2. Target

Have a great afternoon!

Lip Sync

I don’t usually post anything about beauty products but I have a new obsession so I wanted to share it with you all! I love the look of a hot pink lip these days!  Blake Lively is my style icon right now, and she has been pulling off the look flawlessly!

Blake Lively Taken from Pinterest

For those of you who invest in beauty products, the Nars Satin Lip Pencil has been highly recommended to me by my friend Kelly. There are a few gorgeous shades, but I absolutely love the color Yu.

Nars Satin Lip Pencil

If you can’t spend the $25 right now for a new lip color, another option suggested by my friend Lisa is the Cover Girl Jumbo Gloss Balm. I personally have Watermelon Twist #215, but I have heard great things about Haute Pink Twist #220 as well!

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 11.42.46 AM

I just noticed last night that the CoverGirl pencil has gone on sale for $5 instead of $9.79 so it is a good time to try out a color and see if you like it!photo

Let me know if you have another lip product you love to achieve this look!

Louisiana Purchase

Love the doors in NOLA

A few weeks ago, I was fortunate to travel to New Orleans for a quick get-a-way. (After this past week, I could certainly use another one soon too.) As some of you may know, New Orleans is one of my favorite cities to visit. For me, the combination of art, music, architecture, history, and the best cuisine I have ever enjoyed in my life all rolled into one is what makes this city a true escape. During my visit, the temperature was in the low 70’s and sunny which made it even more pleasant coming from a very harsh winter up North. If you have any flexibility to travel to The Big Easy, I highly recommend going during Jazz Fest (coming up soon) because I think you experience the greatest blend of what NOLA has to offer and near perfect weather!

Close up

Forever 21 Necklace

On this particular day, I was on a mission to explore The French Market. A while ago a local told me that Loretta’s was the absolute best place to go in the French Quarter for fresh authentic Pralines! I could not resist having one at that very moment! There is a huge variety and they literally melt in your mouth.

2 Fav Places

And if I did not already have enough of a sugar rush, I also swung by Cafe Du Monde for a fabulous trio of beignets and chicory coffee. Since it is open 24 hours we did end up here once again for a late night snack later in the weekend!

Cafe Du Monde & Beads

Walking & Eating

I also loaded up on some local Cajun Spices while I was in the French Market to bring back for my friends.

Get The Look

Get The Look

Dress To Impress: JBrand Jeans, Spendid Chambray, Swarovski Necklace

Look For Less: Forever 21 Shirt , American Eagle White Jeans , Asos Necklace (Similar to my Forever21 Necklace that is no longer available).

Boston You’re My Home

I’ve never commented on current events on this blog. However the incident that happened this week hit so close to home, that I feel that I must address it.

If you are from Boston, you know how significant Marathon Monday is to our city. It is one of the most inspirational days of the year. It is a family event. Everyone here knows someone personally who has trained through the harsh New England winter to prepare for one of the hardest races in the country. Most people I’ve known have run the race for a charity in honor of a loved one who is no longer here. They’ve raised thousands of dollars for a cause close to their heart. They keep us posted with their progress. They have friends and family scattered along the route to cheer them on.

Although I was not at the finish line, I have very close friends and family who were right near the blasts but were able to escape unharmed, just shaken. These close calls leave me with an unimaginable amount of emotion. I can’t help to think how lucky they were. I am overcome with sadness to think about the people who just were in the wrong place at the wrong time at what should have been a happy day.

I am praying so hard for my city and all of those people involved especially the victims, victim’s families, responders, and those who witnessed it all up close. I truly hope that our city will return an even better version than it was before.  I pray that we can somehow heal from this tragedy and learn how to prevent something like this from ever happening again in any town.

I hope my upcoming posts are more of a welcome distraction rather than any sort of insensitivity of the events on Monday. Clothing seems so irrelevant in times like these.  Although my heart is heavy, I want to try my hardest to return to a sense of normalcy even if I’m still going through waves of emotions about this horrific event. More than anything we can’t let them win. I know this city is strong and we will get through this somehow. My thoughts are whole heartedly with all who are affected.
My Pic from Last Summer

Prabul Gurung for Target

I cannot wait for Sunday!!! Not only is it my birthday, but the Prabul Gurung for Target Collection will be available online and in stores! You can go online now and preview the collection. Although prices are not currently listed, here are a few of the items on my MUST Have list from this line.

Target Collage

My absolute favorite part of the collection are these shoes. So many high end designers are doing versions of these ankle straps. I would love to get this look in my closet!

Prabul Gurung Shoes

Do you have your eye on another style in this collection? Have a great day!

Tweed Moto Jackets

I hope you had a good weekend and enjoyed the Super Bowl (or Beyonce Bowl as some have called it).

Although Spring may not be too far off in some cities, it is still going to be pretty chilly in Boston for quite some time. Yes, it even snowed again yesterday …[sigh]. I wanted to share a transitional piece for those who need a little warmth now, but also want something they can wear through spring.

Tweed Moto Jackets Expensive

Rebecca Taylor $450, DVF $598,  Classiques Entier $268 

So many designers have versions of this trend from Alice + Olivia, Bailey44, Joie and of course those listed above. For those of you who can make these investments, you will get a lot of use out of this fabulous jacket. If you are on a budget, here are some affordable options that will get you through this season.

Moto on a Budget

1. Pim + Larkin $98

2. Target $17.48

3. Gap $61.99

4. Forever21 $32.80

5. JC Penney $28

What do you think of this trend? Will you invest or do you prefer a more classic tweed coat? Have a nice day! XO

Buttoned Up

Buttons Close Up

TGIF! Today I wanted to share with you another small DIY project I recently completed. I purchased this J. Crew wool coat a while back for $49.99 because it was “damaged’. The only “damage” I could see what that it was missing a few buttons (i.e. see the lonely wool ones in the picture above).

Add Vintage

Since there was now way I could wear this coat without being able to close it, I was on a mission to find some funky buttons replace the normal looking wool ones it came with. I stumbled across this Etsy shop called Add Vintage and ordered 12 fabulous gold buttons for only $4.00. Shipping was only $2.50 so I felt like I got quite a deal!

Close up, no sunnies

While watching TV,  I completed my projected and I am very happy with the results. I feel like it is a brand new coat! Although the gold may not go with every outfit, it certainly makes a simple sweater dress much more sophisticated.


If lions are not your thing, there are a lot of other great buttons to try too! It is such an easy and cost effective way to switch up your entire look.

Full Coat with Buttons

With Zara Sweater

And if you need help sewing a button (hey we’ve all been there) this is a pretty good guide. Is there another online shop you love with fantastic buttons? Please share! Have a great weekend 🙂

Zara Sweater Dress $19.99. Hue Tights $7.99. Forever21 Leopard Flats $12.99

Crayon Hearts

I hope you are all having a great start to your week! To get in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to put together some chic yet low budget decorations. I found both of these images online and wanted to try to combine them and use in my apartment

Crayon Hearts


Heart Garland

I followed the instructions from the Martha Stewart website to make these “stained glass” looking hearts.

The supplies you need:

Wax Paper 


Heart Hole Punch or Stencil 




Ironing Board

Kraft Paper (or Paper Grocery Bags)




1) Take 2-3 crayons of similar colors and use the paper sharpener the comes with the crayon box (or another manual pencil sharpener you have) and make crayon shavings. To keep the mess down, collect the shavings in a plastic bag.

2) Set your Iron on the lowest setting. Cover your ironing board with Kraft paper or paper grocery bags.

3) Take your wax paper and fold it in half.

4) Add a light layer of crayon shavings


5)Fold paper in half on crease and fold up edges to keep shavings between the wax paper.

5) Replace Kraft paper on top of wax paper and iron on lowest setting over the entire surface. Check periodically to see how crayon shavings are melting .

6) Continue until all pieces are complete

Chocolates as a stenci

7) Cut out heart shapes. You can use a heart hole punch or heart shape box of chocolates as stencil.

8) Use a needle to string your hearts. Make a garland or a cluster of hearts as in the inspiration image.

Hearts Hearts Hearts

Here’s a little sneak peak!

Heart Garland

Do you have any Valentine’s crafts or decorating tips? Please let me know! XO