Ann Taylor & Loft Doing it Right!

I am so impressed by everything that Ann Taylor and Loft have to offer these days! They are so on trend, with great price points, amazing sales, and materials that feel much more expensive than they cost.  Here are the items on my wish list right now:

Ann Taylor


1. Leopard Skirt $89

2. Quilted Heels $128

3. Quilted Flats $88



1. Plaid Pants $47.70

2. Pocket Utility Shirt $49.50

3. Overlay Lace Skirt $79.50 

I especially love the fabric on the pocket utility shirt above. It feels more like silk than polyester and it can go right in the washing machine! Do you have any favorites you have seen in store lately? Let me know! Have a great day 🙂


2 thoughts on “Ann Taylor & Loft Doing it Right!

  1. My mother Luba ANN Taylor… Is ann Taylor at the lift sort of like the old navy us to the gap ? Same idea but cheaper quality like H&M with a younger target audience?
    I just think of ann Taylor as country club clothes … Nothing wrong with that, but don’t rush me into old fogey sweater sets just yet
    Just my opinion

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