The Silky Way

What do you think of the Silky Pant trend? I love how comfortable they are but it is certainly tough to find the right fit and the right pattern! Here are a few good options on the market:

Silky Pants

1. Tucker $208

2. H&M $24.95

3. Loft $39.99

Now the question is, do you pair them with a tight fitting tee, or is it OK to wear a loose top? If your pants are truly on the edge of Harem (meaning very baggy and loose fitting) then choose something tighter so you are not engulfed in fabric. I personally prefer the pants like the ones above that are slightly loose but not too droopy so I can pair them with something flowy on top!


1. H&M (again) $24.95

2. Equipment blouse $208  (or the Loft version I mentioned in this post!)

3. Zara Flats $35.90

4. Forever21 Heels $29.80

5. Zara tank $39.90

Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 1.20.54 AM

I always love a good blazer for both day and night! I would finish this look with this  LC Lauren Conrad  version that is $39.99. I have a similar blazer by LC that has lasted surprisingly well over the past few years.


Are there any other amazing Silky Pants out there that you would like to share? Please let me know! Have a great week 🙂


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