Back Up Plan

My favorite houseI am once again taking a trip down memory lane for this post. Here is an outfit I wore during my trip to New Orleans in April. On this particular night, we explored the Garden District and had a wonderful dinner at Commander’s Palace.

Commander's PalaceThe Garden District has some of the most gorgeous houses I have seen and they are truly my architectural aesthetic. (Is it possible to build a house like this in Boston or Brookline? Pretty please?)  As for dinner, the food at Commander’s Palace was unbelievably good and the service was outstanding. Since we were celebrating the completion of a very stressful presentation, we felt like it would be worth going all out and trying this restaurant with such an impressive reputation. Although we do not spend money on dining out like this very often, we felt like we truly received all that we paid for and more, which made it a worthwhile experience.

Walking to the restaurantOne of my friends was on the fence about this Tibi dress that I picked up a few months back and thought it was a little shall we say risqué.  The original price was almost $500 and I had my eye on it for quite some time. Finally when the price dropped to $75 I snagged it in February. Apparently there were some fit issues with it. (Ok, I’ll admit it was a little uncomfortable while sitting). Despite that it is a little tricky to wear, it reminded me of origami because it was so structured (for those of you who don’t know me very well, I leave a trail of origami paper cranes where ever I go). I know I will wear this frock again later this year with tights and ankle booties to a holiday party or two!

Back it up!I paired the dress with my Target shoes that were a part of the Prabul Gurung collection, and my leather jacket that has certainly earned it’s keep! Of course an outfit is never complete without a fabulous clutch. I especially treasure this leather one as it belonged to my grandmother, Grace.

Target Shoes from Prabul Gurung


Off to dinner we go!

Oh New Orleans… I miss you so much!!! Have a good day everybody 🙂


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