Boston You’re My Home

I’ve never commented on current events on this blog. However the incident that happened this week hit so close to home, that I feel that I must address it.

If you are from Boston, you know how significant Marathon Monday is to our city. It is one of the most inspirational days of the year. It is a family event. Everyone here knows someone personally who has trained through the harsh New England winter to prepare for one of the hardest races in the country. Most people I’ve known have run the race for a charity in honor of a loved one who is no longer here. They’ve raised thousands of dollars for a cause close to their heart. They keep us posted with their progress. They have friends and family scattered along the route to cheer them on.

Although I was not at the finish line, I have very close friends and family who were right near the blasts but were able to escape unharmed, just shaken. These close calls leave me with an unimaginable amount of emotion. I can’t help to think how lucky they were. I am overcome with sadness to think about the people who just were in the wrong place at the wrong time at what should have been a happy day.

I am praying so hard for my city and all of those people involved especially the victims, victim’s families, responders, and those who witnessed it all up close. I truly hope that our city will return an even better version than it was before.  I pray that we can somehow heal from this tragedy and learn how to prevent something like this from ever happening again in any town.

I hope my upcoming posts are more of a welcome distraction rather than any sort of insensitivity of the events on Monday. Clothing seems so irrelevant in times like these.  Although my heart is heavy, I want to try my hardest to return to a sense of normalcy even if I’m still going through waves of emotions about this horrific event. More than anything we can’t let them win. I know this city is strong and we will get through this somehow. My thoughts are whole heartedly with all who are affected.
My Pic from Last Summer


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