Crayon Hearts

I hope you are all having a great start to your week! To get in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to put together some chic yet low budget decorations. I found both of these images online and wanted to try to combine them and use in my apartment

Crayon Hearts


Heart Garland

I followed the instructions from the Martha Stewart website to make these “stained glass” looking hearts.

The supplies you need:

Wax Paper 


Heart Hole Punch or Stencil 




Ironing Board

Kraft Paper (or Paper Grocery Bags)




1) Take 2-3 crayons of similar colors and use the paper sharpener the comes with the crayon box (or another manual pencil sharpener you have) and make crayon shavings. To keep the mess down, collect the shavings in a plastic bag.

2) Set your Iron on the lowest setting. Cover your ironing board with Kraft paper or paper grocery bags.

3) Take your wax paper and fold it in half.

4) Add a light layer of crayon shavings


5)Fold paper in half on crease and fold up edges to keep shavings between the wax paper.

5) Replace Kraft paper on top of wax paper and iron on lowest setting over the entire surface. Check periodically to see how crayon shavings are melting .

6) Continue until all pieces are complete

Chocolates as a stenci

7) Cut out heart shapes. You can use a heart hole punch or heart shape box of chocolates as stencil.

8) Use a needle to string your hearts. Make a garland or a cluster of hearts as in the inspiration image.

Hearts Hearts Hearts

Here’s a little sneak peak!

Heart Garland

Do you have any Valentine’s crafts or decorating tips? Please let me know! XO


2 thoughts on “Crayon Hearts

  1. You read my mind all the time…just got my supplies today for this project!! Reminds me of childhood crafts, really fun and yours looks cute 🙂

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