Saving Money in Your Closet This Year

I mentioned in previous posts about some goals I have for the new year.  In addition to shopping smarter and making better investments, I have some other wardrobe related goals I want to share with you:
Keep a list in your closet1) Keep track of items I need to complete my wardrobe

I recently cleaned out my closet completely and have a good sense of inventory. Whenever I am putting together an outfit and I feel like something is missing to make it perfect I am now adding it to a list in my closet. When I go shopping I make sure I stick ONLY to this list and not get off track. (I also take a pic of it so I have it on my iPhone when I head to the stores.)

List Close Up

2) Take better care of items I already have

I am guilty of hanging cashmere sweaters on hangers, and shoving shoes in my closet when I am in a hurry to clean my room. The problem with this is that you are potentially damaging these clothes that you have already have invested your hard earned dollars into.

Filling Your Boots with Magazines

After purchasing my new flat knee boots, I made a promise to myself I would take better care of them. I use magazines as a way of keeping them upright so they do not get any folds at the ankle. I will also get them cleaned and polished at the end of the season so they look great next fall. At the end of this season, I will make sure I fold my sweaters in tissue and store them properly so I will get many more years of use too.

3) Use my steamer more often 

I know there are some items that must go to the dry cleaner. However for those things that can really be washed on delicate and air dried, I will make sure to do that more often and pull out my steamer to release any wrinkles in the end.  This will really save a lot of money over the year. Joy Mangano Steamer

I know there are better versions like ones used in retail stores, but for a decent model that comes with a great warranty this HSN model is well worth the money ($25). I will say that the travel version is not as good as the full size, but it still gets the job done. It just takes a little longer because the nozzel is a lot smaller.

4) Repairing clothes I already own

I make an effort to save every little button and piece of string that comes with new clothing items I purchase. This way, if I lose a button or make a small tear I am able to repair the clothes and get the most of my investment. I know it is easy to get in a habit of throwing these little attachments away, but it is really worthwhile to hold on to them for at least a year or two. I have a little faux book box that I keep all of mine in. I need to organize them more, but for now I have an easy place to reach for them if needed.

Faux Book Box

Taking better care of your clothes, making timely repairs when needed, and only buying what you really NEED rather than what you WANT can really save you money in the long run. Do you have any suggestions to save money in your closet and still build your wardrobe this year?  Any other goals? Please share below! XO


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