Making Your Own Greeting Cards

As you all know I am on a major budget! I love to shop and always have a vision of exactly what I want, but in most cases it is not in my price range. If you know me on a personal level, I am a huge lover of old fashioned snail mail. Every day I get so excited to check my mailbox even though typically all I have in there is my cable or electric bill 😦 I try my best to put the pen to paper and send out a hand written card for my friends birthdays, anniversaries, and any other major milestone.

Kate Spade Christmas Cards

This year when on the hunt for Holiday cards, almost every pre-made card I adored was way above my budget. We are taking $25 for a set of 12 or 10. Filene’s Basement carried so many fabulous ones, but since it closed down it has been hard to find good unique ones for less. I could not justify a lot of money this year so I decided to try a shot at making my own and make 40 cards on a budget. I loved this Kate Spade card above and I decided I wanted to do a Chihuahua theme instead. I turned to Etsy for supplies:

Green Earth Supplies $25 for 50 cards and envelopes

Green Earth Supplies Recycled Envelopes

Chihuahua Cut Outs- Make your own from cutters at craft store, or purchase your own $4.50 for 36 From Hoodoken Crafts (I requested all black with no additional charge)

Hoodeken Crafts

Twinkling Star Stamp $2.30 Nora Jane on Etsy

Twinkling Star Stamp

Cheers Stamp $2.50 Sea Shore Inspiration Etsy


Martha Stewart Glitter Eyelash Yarn $2.74 JoAnn Fabrics

Martha Stewart Glitter EyelashMini Pop Dots $2.75 (to get 3D affect)

Pop Dots

ColorBox Ink Pad Typically $5.95 each shopped the buy 1 get 1 free sale!

Color BoxColorBox

Cost Breakdown:

$25 for Cards, $4.50 for Cut Outs, $2.30 for Stamp 1, $2.50 for Stamp 2, $2.74 for Yarn, $2.75 for pop dots, $5.95 for Ink. So $45.74 is the Total Cost with so many reusable supplies left too! If I had bought the Kate Spade cards it would have been almost $95. My savings is about $50!

Here is how I assembled my project:Conveyor Belt of Cards

1) Add double sided Pop Up Dots to give a 3D effect to the chihuahuas on front of cards. Press and hold down.

2) Apply silver star stamps to front corner of the front of the cards. Let dry.

Eyelash Yarn

3) Apply Cheers stamp in red to the inside of the card. Let dry.

4) Tie eyelash yarn around dog to make scarf look. Knot, trim edges and tuck loose edges behind dog near pop up dot.

Finished Product

Voila finished product!

Close Up

I know some people say that time is money, so it may not be worth it to them to do this. However, it was a lot of fun making these cards listening to holiday music and getting into the spirit of the season! I hope to continue to come up with ideas for other holidays too and make this a tradition.

Did you make any cards this year? Did you purchase any fabulous pre-made ones on a budget? Please let me know! XO


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