Stained Glass

I hope you all are having a fantastic week! Today I wanted to share a necklace that I transformed using nail polish. I picked up this large crystal bauble for $25.99 at Loft during the Cyber Monday sale last month for 50% off.
Nail Polish on Clear Stones I loved the shape of this necklace and the color in some of the main stones. However, there were too many clear stones for my liking! I felt like it made the necklace look a little cheaper than it already was (if that is even possible). I read online about using nail polish to paint old broaches to make them look fresh and I figured it would be worth a shot to try on this necklace too!
Combination of Colors The necklace had a few smokey and bronze stones already. I chose nail polish colors to compliment them since I was going to leave a few of them as they were. This time around I only applied one coat. Although the polish seemed to dry in minutes, I laid the necklace flat overnight to make sure I avoided any smudges. I may go back and add to the square stones near the chain, but for now this achieved the look I was hoping for! Completed Necklace I love how a basic tee shirt can be glammed up with an easy statement necklace! I can totally see myself doing this technique for an event I have later this year to match my dress rather than spending hours (and money) trying to find a perfect match!

Close up

Have you ever attempted to transform any of your costume jewelry? Any other tricks you would like to share? Please let me know! Have a great day everyone and thanks for taking the time to read this today!
Au Revoir


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