Need For Tweed

Thank you to all my very patient followers! The past few weeks have brought some new changes to my life and I have been so behind in blogging! I have so many draft posts that I feel are too out of style to even share, but thankfully I have some great ideas coming up for the rest of the year!

I picked up this Kirna Zabete dress from Target on clearance for $31.48. Although it is hard to tell in the picture, the dress is tweed and it has faux leather trim that I think is so on trend now (without over doing it). One of my favorite parts of this dress is the pockets!

Since I was traveling in North Carolina when I snapped these pics, I just wore opaque tights from Hue (my absolute favorite tight brand) and some ankle booties by Report called Marks. I ended up purchasing them in two colors since they are so comfortable and under $50. Now that it is cooler in Boston, I would add a layer underneath this dress to make it even more winter appropriate!

I usually pick up my Hue tights from DSW. They have a great selection typically by the registers. I just love the price point and the fact they are a good quality (and you can throw them right in the washing machine without worrying about snags). You can buy them from or directly but they may be a few dollars more.

As for the Report booties, they seemed to be sold out everywhere in black. The other colors such as the Tan version I also purchased is still available on If you click the picture above it also lists some similar choices online. Make sure when you try them on to walk around the store and feel out the top of the shoe hits your ankle bone. Some of the less expensive versions of these booties may look cute on the rack, but rub against the wrong places while you are wearing them.

Have a great start to your week! (Or end of a long weekend for those who have the day off!) Thanks for stoping by today Β and for your patience in my absence! πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Need For Tweed

  1. Tweed is smart looking and you can dress it up or down. Your outfit looks much more expensive than what you paid for it! Nice job.
    Anne Marie

  2. I want those booties! They don’t have my size but they have an 8.5 (I’m an 8). Are these boots true to size or a little big or small?

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