PURSE of Interest

Over the past month, I started coveting Leopard Bags! I don’t think you can flip through any fashion magazine without seeing advertisements from all the top designers showcasing their take on this look. (I am in love with this LV version above especially!)

Valentino $2,895

Jimmy Choo $2,225

Alexander Wang $1,100

Although I love these luxurious designer bags, here are some options for a fashionista on a budget:

Studio Pollini $348

Kate Spade $318

Ralph Lauren $298

Lodis $239

Michael Kors $198

Crown Vintage $149

Charles Jourdan $119

Dorothy Perkins $49

Gap $44.99 (Plus + 30% off with code GAPCOLOR)

Kelly & Katie $39.95

Dorothy Perkins $29.99

Tilly’s $19.99

H&M and Forever21 have versions for under $25 as well! What do you think of this leopard handbag trend? Is it here to stay or just a fad at the moment? Let me know! Have a great day everyone πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “PURSE of Interest

  1. Love the title because I live the tv show

    Thanks for the gap promo code… The bag is a steal
    As much as i luv kate spade and LV I can’t cut it and have a life…luv u tons for the look at 1/5 the price tag

    I’m so sad the pats list on Sunday…ruined my weekend. They just have to beat the jets Sunday

  2. Hi there
    I know u luv vintage finds… I was in the north end waiting for my table at Neptune oyster (yum!!!!)- lobster roll to die for … I digress

    Killing time I went across the street and into ensemble … Can you say WOW!!!!
    You should write a blog about this…. Have you ever been in the north end?

    The place is great….
    Got to run … Need to find ripe avocados for my famous guac… Big pats party tomorrow.

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