Tassel Town


I hope you all had a great weekend! Last week I was able to do a little window shopping around town. One style that has caught my eye recently is the Tassel Necklace trend (especially Rachel Zoe’s versions).

Source: fabsugar.com via Caitlin on Pinterest


Since most of these high end tassel baubles can cost close to $1,000 it is clearly not in my budget. I was able to find some other takes on the pieces that can help you complete the look without the cost.

Here are some designer inspirations:

Lanvin $950

Rachel Zoe $650

Rachel Zoe $350

Here are some great pieces at a lower price point:

R.J. Graziano $105

ABS $95

Lauren Hope $88

Kendra Scott $78

Tahari $60

Panacea $28

Mixit $25

What do you think about these tassel necklaces? Do you like this trend? Please let me know! Have a great day everyone πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Tassel Town

  1. While I usually get behind your ideas and luv your tips and style, tassels won’t be on this girl

    Maybe it’s because they remind me of graduation hats or it could be that I think I’ll look like a walking lampshade … I’d rather soend my money on a Gronkiwski or welker or woodhead jersey that I can wear to a Bloody Sunday football Bloody Mary football party

  2. It’s not graduation hats… They are called mortar boards
    Bet you never wore one… Just kidding
    I kind of like them but feel like I’d stick out like a wannabe fashionista
    I just don’t have caitlin’s confidence

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