Sunday Fun-Day: Gearing Up!

I hope everyone has had a great week so far! Since the referee situation seems to be ironed out, I thought I would dedicate this post to NFL Gear!

I did a post last season about some great finds on Etsy and other online stores for cute Super Bowl outfits. I absolutely love this shirt I picked up from 47 Brand this year. They are located on Newbury street (right near PinkBerry). I really was looking for a great comfortable vintage looking tee shirt that felt chic and feminine (but was not a pink Brady jersey).

Throwback Pic above: I purchased this shirt below for the Bruins Parade in 2011 and realized this was also 47Brand that I purchased from Lucy’s League (and as you guessed more expensive than buying directly).  However it still looks and feels great after being washed dozens of times.

I did end up picking up one of the cheaper pieces in the store during my visit. This shirt below retails for $38. However I do think this is a good investment piece because I know how well these shirts stand the test of time (and the washing machine)!

Here are some other cute choices:

$40 Rescue Red

$45 White Wash

I know I have readers all across the country so if you are also interested they carry almost all NHL, NFL, MLB and a large amount of college teams too! Also the men’s section is pretty awesome as well!

On a side note: to get ready for this weekend and add some fun to my outfit I painted my nails like little football laces! I was inspired by this photo below from Pinterest.

Source: via Jenny on Pinterest


If you click through to the site they came from, you can purchase these little nail art stickers and just place them on painted brown nails. I did not end up purchasing them because I really would only need this for a day or two so it was not really worth it to me. Instead, I used some polish I already had in the drawer to get the same look and make it work.

Although I am normally an OPI girl, I really do like this “Haute Chocolate” color from Sally Hansen. The nail art pens (which I have used for French Mani’s before) are great for this too. I just painted the brown base coat, let it dry, then added white vertical lines down the middle. After this dried I went back and added the horizontal lines then also let them dry. (I know lot’s of drying time but it’s worth it!) It is crucial to finish with a clear top coat when using the Nail Art Pen so it does not scratch off.

With my nails done, and my T-shirt on (and some jewelry) I think I am all geared up for Sunday! Where do you get your game gear in Boston? Please comment below! Have a great weekend everyone!


6 thoughts on “Sunday Fun-Day: Gearing Up!

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  2. I love the nails. And the team spirit. How great to be in Boston during the past decade of dominance for all our home teams!
    How did you ever find a helmet small enough for the little dog?!!!! I can’t stop laughing. It’s a perfect picture in this blog!
    Anne Marie

  3. Go pats!!!!!
    I like the design on the old patriots shirts better than the new one that looks like Elvis

    Anyway fun story!! Pix adorable –I want that dog
    How about a blog story on a football party… That would be fun to read

    Go pats !!!! I luv GRONK…i think he should dump that porn slut though… Can’t believe belicheck let’s him date that skank

    • So fun!!! You look so cute in the Patriots shirt and Bruins one too

      That cute dog has his own helmet – simply ADORABLE… You should contact the patriots and see if the two of you can do a commercial or something

      The Red Sox were so bad I hope it doesn’t rub off on all the Boston teams … Any after three bloodys today I actually loved the pats crush those ugly looking bills .. I can’t believe their quarterback wfnx to Harvard –he looks like a lumberjack from idaho

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