Halcyon Heroine

This summer I attended to attend my friend Nikki’s trunk show at Paloma Boutique in Providence, RI for her company Halcyon Heroine. I went to college with Nikki back in the day. She is truly a crafty soul and is an extremely talented artist, interior decorator and now hair fascinator creator.

Nikki was on to this trend even before the Royal wedding, but I think now more than ever this accessory is showing up more and more stateside. I have attended a few weddings in Ireland in the past 10 years and I have been in LOVE with hats and fascinators but have been a little timid to pull this off myself. I am so happy that Halcyon Heroine creates these looks in all different sizes, styles and colors at an amazing price point for all the hard work and hours she puts into creating these incredible pieces.

(Note to my readers: Nikki did not ask me to do this post, I just could not resist!)

I did not make it to the boutique until the last few hours of the event, so I was not able to find an exact piece that I wanted to go with a mint green dress I had purchased for a wedding. Nikki mentioned to me that she had some other feathers at home that she thought could work and within a few days had created a piece for me that was PERFECT.

Nikki sent me the link on Etsy so I could complete the order and when it arrived, the package was so pretty I almost did not want to open it so I would not ruin the tissue and ribbon. She also provides an envelope with storage and care instructions so that your piece will last for years to come.

When I did open the box, I not only found a beautiful piece, but also a fabulous little bow-tie fascinator for Mr.Pierre!

Here are some other great options on her Etsy Shop:

Source: etsy.com via Caitlin on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via Caitlin on Pinterest


She has a lot of NEW items that she has been working on so follow her on Facebook to see even more of her amazing work. Halcyon Heroine’s prices range from $18-$98. (If you have ever tried to buy something like this even at a department store in Ireland let alone a one of a kind piece you know this is amazing). If you like the Facebook page you will also get a code for free shipping this month.

Source: etsy.com via Caitlin on Pinterest


I would not be posting about this if I truly did not believe in Nikki’s amazing design, quality and craftsmanship. I know she has been thinking about hats, boutineers, and also has some amazing WEDDING accessories on the way too. I am so proud of you Nikki and can’t wait to see your pieces in even more boutiques!

Source: etsy.com via Caitlin on Pinterest


Let me know what your thoughts are on hats, fascinators, and if you think this London look will appear more in the States. I really hope it does! Have a great day everybody!


6 thoughts on “Halcyon Heroine

  1. I’m not sure how I feel about these feathers! I think I would feel like I belong in the zoo! but they look really cool on you, do you think you’ll wear them to work? do they wear these in dublin? thanks!!

  2. This is amazing! Thank you so much for the post, Caitlin! I’m truly honored to be mentioned (never mind receive a full post!) on Pearls & Chandeliers! And Pierre looks SO debonaire in his bow tie – just like his beautiful, fashionista mommy! Much love and many thanks XO

  3. Love the colors you featured today. Perhaps these hairpieces will finally replace those bulky plastic hairclips. The little dog bowtie is priceless!
    Anne Marie

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