Fashion’s Night Out Boston 2012

Last night Fashion’s Night Out took place all across the Globe!

Boston held it’s own version on Newbury Street. For the second year in a row, the street was blocked off to make it pedestrian only (with the exception of some awesome luxury cars showcased on a few blocks). Even with the road free and clear to walk on some areas were so congested that you could barely squeeze by! From what I could tell it seemed like the turnout was so much greater than last year!

For those of you who are not totally aware, “Fashion’s Night Out is a global initiative created in 2009 to celebrate fashion, restore consumer confidence, boost the industry’s economy during the recession, and put the fun back in shopping!” From the amount of shopping bags I saw those few hours, I would agree that this made a huge impact on sales not only for the shops, but also for the restaurants too which were completely packed.

Most boutiques I checked out had free champagne, passed appetizers, and awesome music from a DJ. Others had great giveaways and goodie bags too! (Zara for example had bars set up on two of it’s three floors!)

Although I kept my shopping minimal due to my budget, I did see a lot of amazing outfit combinations that were really inspiring that I will definitely share with you all soon.  One display in particular was actually pretty similar to what I had on for my night out which gave me a good laugh. As Joan Rivers would possibly say “Manequin Stole My Look!”

All in all it was a really fun evening even without all the celebrity appearances like in other major cities!  I love seeing Boston so passionate about Fashion and it was really cool to see how an idea like this could grow into something so big across the globe.  Did you attend FNO in Boston or your local city? How did you like it this year? Please let us know! Have a great weekend 😮 (P.S. Sadly in my rush to get there I forgot my digital camera so I apologize for the lack of great pictures.)


4 thoughts on “Fashion’s Night Out Boston 2012

  1. how did i not hear about this…duh
    i’m so agitated and angry…this got no press
    now i’m mad for being out of the loop when i try so hard
    caitlin you’re so good—thgink maybe you can post bsomething like
    “coming attractions” and giving us newbies a heads up to cool things with free
    veuve clicquot…did you get a good buzz from all the free bubbles?
    too bad about not having the usual great pix…but it still rocked…did that cute little dog get any nbew fashion ideas…or just some fashion faux paws….get it? hahaha

  2. Great blog. Priceless expression when you found a dress similar to yours. Loved the dog and his fashion scarf!
    Anne Marie

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