Army Amour

As you saw in my post yesterday, I am loving military inspired looks! There are tons of sleeveless and sleeved versions of this jacket from couture fashion houses right down to the bargain stores. (Club Monaco versions above)

At first when I bought my $12 find at Buffalo Exchange I thought I would cut the sleeves and make it into a vest. However in New England its a lot more practical to keep the sleeves on so I will refrain from breaking out the scissors and sewing machine for now.  Plus I found some really cute ways on the internet to pair this look with jeans and skirts (above & below). I can’t wait to see how many ways I will work this into my wardrobe!

For those embracing this look, here are my top picks, as always from high end to low end!

Burberry Prorsum $2,795

Donna Karan $997

Current/Elliott $268

Obey $178

Club Monaco $149

Asos $98.77

Urban Outfitters $59

Gabriella Rocha $46

Forever21 $24.50

Target $19.98

Now tell me, do you like military inspired jackets or is a trend you will avoid this fall? Thanks for reading today. Have a great day everybody!


3 thoughts on “Army Amour

  1. anne marie…did you read the post?
    it’s a military jacket….soldiers wear green…
    we even have a word to describe it…”army green”!!!!
    so my answer is GREEN!!!!
    and I’m green with envy that I can’t spot trends like caitlin and that I have to be a follower
    But I say better to be a follower than to be left behind!!! You agree?
    my question is: look for these in vintage shops, go new or try to find a real army and navy store…I saw one driving to Kennebunkport last week. Of all places it was on route 1 near some town named peabody, just like the investment company…it was called army barracks i think and te sign outside said a “real army and navy store.” If I had read this before my drive to Kennebunkport, i would have looked…oh well

    • I like to read blogs and rarely post, but felt I needed to say something here
      Nice blog… Fun and informative
      But Meredith take a chill pill or have a lemon drop martini.. You were kind of mean to Annie marie. She just asked about colors
      Life’s too short for sarcasm
      But you are right GREEN is the color choice
      Just use your nice words next time
      Caitlin keep posting fun stuff and teaching me what’s new in the zany world of what to wear
      I never want to look out of step
      One question: do you have to put madras away after labor day?
      If its warm I think it’s still ok to wear it

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