Stock Exchange

I hope everyone had a great labor day weekend! I actually ended up having a lot more free time on my hands so I decided to do some MAJOR fall cleaning!

If I was attending Country Fest, this may be somewhat style worthy, however I was not and thus a lot of these items HAD TO GO. After sorting through items that I really had not worn in a few years, I made my donation pile and a potential “sell” pile. My friend Hally told me about this store called BUFFALO EXCHANGE so I went with my bag of clothes to check it out and see if any of these items could actually sell.

Currently in Massachusetts there are two Buffalo Exchange locations, one on Elm Street in Somerville and the other on Harvard Ave in Allston. There are a lot of other locations throughout the US too. What is really cool about this store is the fact that they buy all ranges of brands. We are talking Target, H&M, Forever21 up to designer labels. So if you have some awesome trendy pieces in excellent clean condition and the buyer thinks it would work in their store then you can sell.

They also organize a lot by size but also trends like you can see from the cigar shoes above. I also really like the fact that all you can sell your clothes to them during regular business hours: no appointment necessary. (If you have ever tried to bring your clothes to a consignment shop you know that you have to make an appointment with the buyer which is typically an inconvenient time if you have a 9-5 job. Also from there you only get money if the item sells which may take weeks or months. In addition, sometimes you need to have a minimum number of items to become a consigner which also makes it tricky.)

Buffalo Exchange is not a consignment shop. You can just sell one item if you like and you get the money right on the spot which makes it very appealing. The other option which I LOVE too is that you could use the money as a store credit instead. If you choose to go that route it increases the value of the store credit by a percentage (which could vary by store). So ultimately you can do an exchange for higher amount than you sold your items for. Score!

I typically just stick to clothes when I make any consignment shops or theft store purchases. Although most stores will make sure the items are clean, I like to be able wash or dry clean my purchases to be extra safe before adding them to my coveted closet space. If you are ok with purchasing second hand shoes, they did have an awesome selection of items that really didn’t even look like they were worn although they were preowned.

I made the mistake when I came in bringing a large bag of all of my summer clothes, not even realizing they were only buying fall and winter items now! However, once I get a chance through my closet again I am going to see if there are any fall or winter items that are sell or exchange worthy.

Sadly my lack of self control got the best of me, and I did still pick up a FABULOUS army jacket for $12. This was on my must purchase list for Fall 2012 so I am so happy I found one at a great price.

Have any of my readers had a good or bad experience at Buffalo Exchange? Please let us all know by posting in the comments section! Also are there any other great Second Hand stores in Boston that you swear by? I’d love to hear all of your feedback. Have a great day everybody!


4 thoughts on “Stock Exchange

  1. the closet on newbury street—found a vintage lily pulitizer dress
    portobello road in chestnut hill—pricey though
    and don’t laugh—goodwill right next to buffalo exchange— i swear that when some girls have stuff rejected by the buffalo exchange they just go next door to the goodwill and donate it—meaning if you hunt, you can find good stuff… and it’s cheap, plus they sell martini glasses for a dollar!!!!

    • Hi Meredith!! Yes you are so right! I think a lot of people head right over there if there stuff isn’t purchased from Buffalo Exchange. It’s hit or miss but it is definitely worth a stop for sure! Thanks for sharing :o)

  2. so happy you agree on the goodwill…the one in southie on broadway is also good.
    just reemember to dry clean or wash what you get and always check for moth holes…
    ugh, my favorite cashmere sweater set was ruined by a moth and i hate mothballs…
    any suggestions besides those foul smelling things? or just suck it up?
    it may not be fashion, but in my ‘hood a store called boston garage sale near union bar and grille has great consigned furniture and art…i found a ralph lauren club chair for $300…how do you say “steal!!!”
    you should do more chandelier stories and maybe check it out

    boo hoo…summer is gone

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