Last week, I did some major end of summer cleaning. I found these printed pants in the back of my closet that I picked up in Dublin for under $15 that still had tags on them. Although this is not really my every day style, there was something about the pattern that made me not want to put them in my donate pile. I will admit they were a little out of my comfort zone the day I wore them. (AKA I did not want to get up from my desk for the first few hours!) By late afternoon I was having fun in them. I tried to balance out the colorful print, with a black H&M scuba peplum shirt for $20 on sale, and some fun black pumps from Penny’s under $20.

What do you think of printed pants? Would you wear them or are they too loud for your taste?

Tory Burch $150

Helene Berman $135

J.Crew $120ย 

Zara $79.90

Macy’s Bar IIIย $69

Forever21 $19.80

Have ย a great weekend!


6 thoughts on “Bossypants

  1. Great photos and great pants!!!
    You wear them with confidence and that’s why they look so fab!!!!
    And your pix on this blog are so fun…do you have a friend whom does them all?
    I cant wait to see your ideas about fall ….do you think tweed and glen plaids will be big for girls? I do…but I am not talented enough to do a blog

    • Thanks Justina!!! I really appreciate it. I am always a lover for tweeds and plaids for fall it is really classic. Leopard is around to stay too for shoes, coats and handbags. I see a lot of bright around too which is really fun. I have a lot of posts coming up so stay tuned. Thanks again!

  2. hey girl! i stumbled across your blog whilst looking up searching for chandeliers, and I’m so glad I did! I really love your style. you were so brave to wear those pants to work! Do you have any chic fall boots suggestions for a budding fashionista on a budget? looking forward to more posts, cheers! (as they say in Dublin ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

    • Hi Maggie! I will be doing a boot post soon. Are you thinking flat boot or heeled ones? Let me know. Ankle booties will also be a part of it, but I just want to make sure I list enough choices for what you were looking for. Thanks again :o)

  3. Caitlin, I am just reading through your older posts, and I am obsessed with this outfit with the red pants, I think it is your best yet, it is so fun and colorful . You make it look very wearable, pairing it with the black structured top… me encanta!! I see you are tackling boots soon, id love to know some good options for wide feet lol..

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