Rocking Summer Sequins

Source: via Caitlin on Pinterest

I hope everyone has had a great week so far. I wanted to share with you a look I put together for less for a fun casual dinner across the bridge. The inspiration photo is above. Although I do not know the source of this picture or the price of all of the items, I did my best to put a little twist on it and make it recreated in an affordable way.

I am wearing the Kohl’s JLo Shirt that I bought back in December that I mentioned back in this post. I also just picked up these shorts from American Eagle for a great end of season bargain. I will definitely get use out of these for summers to come!

I purchased these shoes from HSN last year for a wedding I attended in Aruba last October. They were $59 at the time (originally $128) but are currently sold out from that site.  I have not seen anything like these in a while, but I am keeping my eyes peeled for look-a-likes!

Source: via Caitlin on Pinterest

This white blazer is a part of the LC Lauren Conrad collection at Kohls for under $50. I also wore it in this post.

You can get something similar from ASOS for $61.44 using the promo code BACKTOSCHOOL right now.

Here are a few shirt options at all different price ranges (since the JLo and Vince version are sold out).

Rachel Zoe $245

L’Autre Chose $128

Jones New York $24.15

What do you think of sequins in the summer? Would you rock them now, or do you hold off until New Years Eve? Let me know! Have a great afternoon everyone!


5 thoughts on “Rocking Summer Sequins

  1. I never thought of sequins in a more casual look. Looks great on you. Love the shoes and the little dog at the end.
    Keep up the good work!
    Anne Marie

  2. Good question Caitlin …sequins are so VERSATILE!!
    Why let summer steal them….why let silly new years eve aka amateur night steal sequins spotlight
    They’re not white shoes for Pete’s sake….
    I luv it when you ask for your followers input…some of are fashionistas” in training!!! LOL!!

  3. I just love reading fashion blogs from girls in big cities…you are so lucky to be surrounded by so many chic trappings …although we’re not all hicks in Kansas , we just don’t have the resources that y’all have in Boston…
    You go girl and keep fighting for fashion and good taste!!!!
    Long live STYLE!!

    • Thanks Sissy! I really appreciate your feedback! I LOVE your blog too! Don’t knock Kansas- you have such a great style! It’s so refreshing seeing how you put everything together! Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog! 🙂

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