Champlain Terrain

During my trip to Burlington, Vermont, We stayed in the quaint Willard Street Inn. It was such a cute and cozy place. We literally made ourself at home there, reading in the study, or lounging in their backyard. Their breakfasts included in the price were phenomenal and they always had cookies and tea out for a late night snack!

On our first day there, we went off to explore a Burlington Farmer’s Market which runs on Saturday mornings throughout the summer. In the early afternoon, we headed over to Snow Farm Vineyards. We were welcomed with a wine tasting and then picked out our favorite bottle to purchase. We brought yummy organic sandwiches from City Market and made ourselves a great little picnic on the grounds of the vineyard. It was such a wonderful day!

The dress I packed for this Vineyard tour I purchased last year in a trip to New Orleans called Sweet Pea and Tulip. It’s a really affordable store, and I must say I have gotten so much use out of this dress over the past year. (Side note: I miss New Orleans so much and need to start planning another trip there soon!)

Although this dress is not in stock anymore, here are some other takes on this style from the web. This summer, I paired this dress with white flats or with wedges. However, for some shopping tips below, I picked some color options that you could wear into the fall season with flat boots or a blazer too.

Ella Moss $178

Elyse Silk Dress $99

Tulle $69

Hive & Honey $49

ASOS $47.48

Have a great weekend everybody!


4 thoughts on “Champlain Terrain

  1. Your photos in the floral dress with the lake in the background capture color and texture exquisitely.
    Nice job.

  2. It really sounds like you adore Burlington
    Me, personally, while I like it, I feel there are just so many hippy types and people who think style is crocs and sox that I start to miss a real city like new york or Boston
    But thanks for the vineyard tip – you looked so relaxed and summery with that glassin your hand
    You rock the prints!!!

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