Forever Frugal

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Here is a last minute look for an outfit I needed for weekend trip to Burlington Vermont. I wanted a cute outfit for dinner and drinks with friends that would not exceed my shopping budget of $25. I stopped by Forever21 after work and found a chic printed shift dress for $24.80. Score!

I used items from my closet to complete the look. My ring, necklace, and earrings were all finds from Forever21 from the past few months. Each were purchased for under $10. I am so obsessed with their costume jewelry!

The two bracelets, and handbag are vintage pieces that belonged to my grandmother.

I absolutely fell in love with Burlington especially the shops on Church Street. The weather was beyond perfect during our visit too which made strolling down that pedestrian only street even more enjoyable.  I am so shocked that I had gone my whole life without paying that city a visit!  One store I went into had a necklace for almost $200 that was very similar to the one I had on.

I love the fact that mine was under $10 and it achieved the same look (similar)! Ladies, if you are ever in a boutique where you find an item you start coveting, take a mental note (or camera phone image) so you can recreate that look for less. I always use window displays and jewelry cases from high end stores as inspiration when I go bargain hunting.

My shoes are Calvin Klein. I bought them on RueLaLa during one of their amazing sales for under $40

We had dinner with friends on Lake Champlain and watched the sunset! Such a great weekend!

Where have you found a great dress under $25 lately? Also, if you are familiar with Burlington, Vermont, what is your favorite boutique?  Let me know! Have a great Monday everybody! 😮


7 thoughts on “Forever Frugal

  1. Love this new dress. Your design combines the tourqoise and orange fashions you showed a few weeks ago. Really enjoy how you use colors and make them work so well!
    Anne Marie

  2. Just started following your blog. Love your style and the way you make it accessible to others. I look forward to reading much more. BTW LOVE the dress and the shoes!!!!

  3. Burlington is cool- you ate so right!!!
    Full of hot UVM boys- hope you found one for that nifty boat cruise!!
    Hope you had some yummy magic hat beer
    Off to ACK for a few days– wearing some vintage lily Pulitzer I found at second time around.. Can you say retail score!!

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