Prepping For Fall

Good morning! I hope everyone has been doing well! It’s a pretty scary thought that summer will be coming to a close in about a month. If you have noticed, stores are filled with the latest fall fashions and the summer items are on the sale rack or on their way out the door! This is the PERFECT time to stock up on some basic necessities for next summer! Right now you can get them for a steal! I have picked up a pair of white shorts, and a few basic tanks that I know I will use next year that were dirt cheap!

In the meantime, here is a transitional summer to fall preppy look that I fell in love with a few months ago! I snapped a photo of this picture from InStyle Magazine. I love the navy blazer paired with the nautical stripes. Though I typically stick to skinny jeans, I loved pulling out these old flares from 2009 and dusting them off for new use!

The original jacket alone was $128 from Loft. I was able to score this blazer for $29.99 from TJMaxx that looks pretty similar. The striped Tee is one I have worn countless times this summer and was only $10 from H&M on sale. Along with these old Bebe jeans, and some Lauren Conrad wedge’s I finished off the look.

Get the look:

Mango Blazer $59.99

Forever21 Blazer $29.80

Ivanka Trump $33.74 (Lord & Taylor)

Quick Silver $27.60

Hudson Jeans $121 (on sale)

Alloy $39.92 (If you don’t want to invest in this cut, this is a good alternative)

Lastly, I am very excited to say that J from J’s Everyday Fashion, selected me as her guest blogger tomorrow! She is on a trip to Africa and for the last two weeks has had some really awesome guest bloggers fill in while she has been away. You may have noticed the one she selected is from a post from earlier this summer. I feel so honored to be chosen this week.  Make sure to check out J’s page if you have not already. I can’t go a day without looking at her blog and I am sure you will get hooked too (if you are not already).

Thanks for visiting my blog! Have a great day 😮


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