So Fresh and So Clean

For my Boston/NYC/LA ladies or for all my flip-flop wearing followers, these are a MUST HAVE.

I throw these Herban Essential Towelettes in my purse, and use them constantly especially throughout the summer. They are great if you wear sandals in the city and need to freshen up Β (i.e. if you take your shoes off at a friends house after spending the day in Fanueil Hall/Harpoon Brewery Fest etc.) You can use them in so many other ways too such as: cleaning your yoga mat, wiping off your desk at work, dusting off your dashboard in your car, after spending some time in the dog park with your four-legged friend, or just any day in lieu of hand sanitizer. My favorite sent is the lemon, but you could buy this variety pack above to get a whiff of all your choices. The bonus is that not only do they clean you up, but each scent is targeted aromatherapy too (relaxation or concentration to name a few)!

I ALWAYS find these Towelettes at TJMaxx for $4.99. Check in your local store in the section with the hand soaps, and shampoos. Sometimes you can find them when you are in line for the cashier too. Β You can also buy them on or in store at Whole Foods but they can be double the price.

Now tell me, what is your go to summer essential?

P.S. Speaking of clean, what do you think of this freshened up site? Do you prefer the old layout? Your feedback is welcomed πŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “So Fresh and So Clean

  1. I can’t wait to get my hands on these! You are right – way more expensive on Amazon. I am going to check for these in Back Bay’s Marshalls….

  2. Your blog is truly a breadth of fresh Nantucket air
    Thanks for the nice note about my comment…
    How do you do it? Work, party, drink wine, travel, help people with fashion and interior design
    I barely have time to get from the south end to Hyannis to catch the plane to nantucket .. And when I get there I party like its 1999…
    You should have a blog fan party !!!
    Just an idea for something to think about when the summer 😦 boo hoo comes to an end!!

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