A Modest Exposal

Sorry it has been a while since my last few posts! I have some great new ones coming your way though so stay tuned! In the meantime, I wanted to share with you my favorite modest swim suits of the season. These are great options who may not feel they are in tip top bikini shape, or just to cover up a little more in the company of certain people (like the in-laws).

So many top designers have made versions of higher waisted bikini’s and one-pieces for Summer 2012. Dolce & Gabbana’s polka dot bikini below is one example (where just the top alone is $295).

J.Crew has an option that I love, that although still is not cheap, will set you back about $115 for both the top and bottom.

I also love this Badgley Mischka one-piece for $107. Even though it is baggy it still has a sassiness to it that makes it really appealing, plus it comes in a number of colors.

Other designers have made so many cute high waisted bikini versions such as Cynthia Rowley and Michael Kors to name a few that run closer to the $300 mark!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mara Hoffman’s printed suits, too but close to a $400 price range is not practical for how infrequently I will be in a suit this summer. (Even the lower one for $154 is a little too pricey)

So although Mara Hoffman was my inspiration, I had to get real and stick to my budget. My favorite store to get this high waisted look for a much cheaper price (how about $45 for both the top and bottom including shipping) is ASOS. Here is one of the bikini’s I already purchased this year.

When I shopped on ASOS, I browsed the bikini bottoms that were left in my size and then chose the tops that I liked after from the images on the side. Just remember that some of the suits are in the UK sizing so be sure to check the chart if it is your first time making a purchase from this site! (Another ASOS favorite below)

Lastly, if you like my nautical one piece up top, I found it online at Zappo’s. I was able to score it for a much cheaper price earlier this year, but still this is not the worst price at $107.99Β (the tag price is $144). There are also bikini versions of it too, and I think it is a great piece for the 4th of July coming up.

What are your thoughts on this season’s more modest pieces? Where do you shop for your bikinis? Thanks for taking the time to read this today! Have a great afternoon!


5 thoughts on “A Modest Exposal

  1. I have a high waisted bottom from American Apparel that I wear with a Bandeau top. I love the retro style, it conceals and is super chip….in a sea of scantily clad girls I think it takes a daring lady to step out in one! πŸ™‚

    • Yes!! And you are a very daring lady and I know that you rock this so well! I didn’t even think of American Apparel for this post too, but that is another great place to get this trend at a reasonable price!! Thanks for your input! πŸ™‚

  2. To me, modest and the beach are oxymorons
    I’m not saying its south beach or st. Tropez , but a little cleavage and some high thigh just work better, even at surfside beach here on ACK

    • Hey Meredith- yes I have my share of Bikini’s too! This is the first summer since I was a kid that I have ever worn a one piece! I was just trying to highlight on the trend that a lot of designers have right now with their more modest suits. I love the one piece I have now, but I have certainly pulled out the bikini this summer too. Thanks for your comment!

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