Happy Birthday Pierre

On Friday we celebrated Mr. Pierre’s birthday with a visit to his favorite store Polka Dog Bakery in the South End of Boston. It is located in the most perfect spot, right next to Peter’s Park which is an awesome dog park.

What I love most about this gourmet dog treat store is that you are allowed to bring your dogs and let them sniff out their favorite treat. If you can’t bring your dog, you can also bring home small samples to make sure they will like what you buy for them since some items are not cheap.

Everything they sell is as fresh and natural as possible, so even though you may be spending a little more than what you would buy at Petco, you know that you are giving something healthy to your best four-legged friend.

I was a bit apprehensive going back here as they have signed a big deal with Target who now resells their products for a limited time. Although I am obsessed with both Target and Polka Dog, I was afraid that this mom & pop type bakery might change too much now that they are working with the big guys. I could not have been more wrong though. Yes the store looks freshened up, but the quality is still the same.

They sell awesome dog cookies and even cakes these days! They also have a great selection of gear and toys on their lower level.

Please note although dogs are welcome here, it is certainly sensory overload for them with all the smells of the food and all the dogs inside so it can be a little overwhelming for some pooches!

There are a few other dog boutiques that I cannot wait to explore such as Pawsh Boutique, D’Tails, Fish & Bone, and Four Preppy Paws. Β What are your favorite dog stores in Boston? Any good ones outside the city too that you recommend? Let me know! Have a great day everyone!


6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Pierre

  1. wow, love your blog! i just found you through j’s everday fashion. i live two blocks away from polka dot. yay for bostonians!

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