MM Couture Replica

The other day I was walking through the North End with one of my best friends, Kate H, after a great dinner. She spotted this dress in a store window by MM Couture. It is almost an exact replica of the $1,295 Lela Rose dress I borrowed from Rent The Runway for the Gala a few weeks ago! How crazy is that?

…Looks very comparable to the original Lela Rose Dress below…

The fabric is thinner and the cut is slightly different but besides that it seems very similar. The dress is only $78.

Have you seen this anywhere in store or online too? What do you think of companies making pretty close copies items such as this? Does it allow the buyer on a budget to dress couture chic or is it walking the line of replicating someone’s idea? Let me know! Have a great day everyone!


3 thoughts on “MM Couture Replica

  1. So cool to rent chic dresses
    But I’d worry that some of the people who wore them before me weren’t very hygenic
    Do you dry clean them before you wear them?
    Or does rent my runway red carpet do it?

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