Fashion Star

Somehow I never was able to watch FashionStar this year which I know sounds a bit crazy since it would be right up my alley. However, a few weekends ago I was on the hunt to find a tea-length dress. I scratched my knees during one of my field hockey matches and I wanted to keep my bandage covered while I met up with friends for the night for a little al fresco dining.

I fell in love with this $19.95 dress from H&M and then realized it was from Fashion Star!

I paired the dress with these amazingggg wedges I bought in Ireland for under 20 Euros from Penny’s/Primark. My cousin Naomi got them too (so we are shoe twins) and I must admit they are fabulous!

I finished the look off with a vintage bag and bracelets that belonged to my grandmother Grace and my MK watch.

I love mixing new and vintage and how you can create an fun outfit without spending too much effort (or $). What do you think of the Fashion Star clothes? Did you watch the show? Let me know! Have a great day everyone!

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