Quick Trip Across The Pond

Tonight I am heading off to the Emerald Isle to spend some quality time with my Nana this weekend for her birthday! It is hard to believe she is in her late 90’s since she is still so young at heart. She has provided so much support and advice over the years and for that I am very grateful!

Me & Nana Maureen from my trip last year ..:::Me & Nana Maureen from my trip last year::..

She had some eye procedures recently so fingers crossed it all works out well and her vision is OK.

It is also my cousin Naomi’s birthday party this weekend so I am happy we will have some time to catch up with her and the rest of my cousins that I do not get a chance to as often as I would like!

..:::Some of my pics from my visits over the years:::..

Since this is such a quick trip to see family, I will not be taking any time to leave Dublin or do any sight-seeing.  However, I do hope to take a few hours on Monday to relax and make it into the City Centre to shop on Grafton Street and also my favorite inexpensive yet amazing store Penney’s on O’Connell street. It true CGM fashion I am only bringing a carry-on there that is already filled completely. So I have packed a collapsable duffle bag that ready to be filled with some shopping finds that I will check on the way home.

I will post some pics when I return on Tuesday. Have a great weekend everybody!


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