Gala Photos

The past four days have been some of the busiest I have ever had in a while! Between baby showers, birthday parties, moving my brother into his new apartment, work, and the field hockey leauge I just joined, and oh yeah the GALA- my head has been spinning!

As promised though, here are some pics of how the outfit turned out on Saturday that I mentioned in my last post.

I fell in love with these big blue earrings!

The dress fit perfectly and the brocade fabric provided just the right amount warmth on a chilly Saturday night.

Grandma Grace’s Clutch from the 1950’s

Rock & Republic Shoes from Kohl’s (and a curious Chi)

Many thanks to Carmina (my sister’s friend from college) who came over to do my makeup for my mom, my sister and I on Saturday. If you live in the Boston Area (or Boston North) I highly reccomend her for makeup application. She is incredible! You can contact Carmina on facebook or check out her website. Carmina I wish you could be with me everyday, you are so talented girl!!!

Have a great day everybody!


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