A Few of My Favorite Things This Week

Happy Friday everybody!

This week seemed to go on FOREVER and I am so glad in just a few hours it will be the weekend. Here are few things that made my very hectic week a bit more enjoyable:

Bare minerals finally found a way to make mineral makeup into a solid! (Most mineral makeup comes in a loose powder form due to the lack of pore clogging binders). I LOVE this shadow and it stays on all day. Plus it does not spill into my makeup bag! This duo is called “The Inspiration”.

Source: sephora.com via Caitlin on Pinterest


I started drinking Synergy Kombucha again instead of coffee. Trilogy is my favorite flavor.
Synergy Kombucha <3

The Easter bunny gave me this enamel bracelet in my basket this year. I love how great it looks layered with my everyday watch!

My friend QC sent me this video yesterday about perfect Hair Buns. I know most of you have seen the sock bun images all over the internet. I can confirm with you as of this morning that it is in fact SO EASY, and does not weigh your hair down at all. I did not even use any bobby pins to secure it. This definately made my week so THANK you QC!!!

Sock Bun

And lastly ladies, my dress arrived yesterday for my event on Saturday. Wohooo!


Since the invitation suggested you dress in Blue, White, or Silver, I am pairing this dress with a silver clutch that I inherited from Grandma Grace and blue shoes from Kohl’s Rock and Republic line for $34.99

and also these earrings from RTR (that I just added on with the remaining credit I had left from the dress rental)


The weather is expected to be a little cooler than I hoped so I may add a dark blue, black or silver pashmina. I need to play around to it to see what looks good without being too matchy matchy. I will certainly posts photos from the event too.

Let me know what you think of the Sock Bun that has been an internet sensation for a while, and your thoughts on my outfit, or just comments on this post. I love hearing from you guys! Have a great weekend! 🙂


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