Rent The Runway


Hello ladies! This weekend I will be attending a “black tie optional” event. That lingo always purplexes me. I wish they would just tell me to wear a long or short dress! Since a few friends of mine are attending this, I double checked with them and they both wearing cocktail length dresses. I think somewhere in between a less fancy full length gown or a knee length conservative cocktail dress would both be appropriate.

Nicole Miller RTR $50 (October 2011)

I decided to use my go to site Rent The Runway. It is free to join and basically you can rent one of their hundreds of dresses from anywhere between $40-$400. For me, it makese sense to stay under the $50 range because if I am going to be spending a lot of money on a dress I want to make sure it will stay in my closet for quite some time. I would highly reccomend signing up for this site at least because they do send you coupons all the time and you can usually book up to 6 months in advance.

I actually purchased a “coupon” from for $50 you get $100 towards a rental. I also had $20 coupon that I got for my birthday e-mailed to me by RTR. So I was able to get $100 rental on a  $1295 Lela Rose dress for only $30! It will arrive tomorrow so I will definitely post on how it turns out.


My advice when renting:

1) Try renting from familiar brands at first. I know how Nicole Miller & BCBG dresses fit me so when the dress arrives it will fit as expected. I ordered a Catherine Malindrino once that barely covered my back side and was a huge flop! (I was able to order another dress that arrived in time though! Pfeww!)

2) Always opt for the free back up size. With your rental you get two sizes of the same dress sent to you. It is free so take advantage of it!

3) Read ALL the reviews. What I love about this site is that renters can post pictures of how the dress looked on them and post reviews with their size and measurements. It has saved me a few times from renting a dress that looked great on a model but not on someone 5’4”.

4) Give yourself enough time with your rental before the event. I like to have my dress arrive at least one day before my event to try on. Please do not wait until the last minute to make sure it fits!

5) Have a back up plan too! There is a chance your dress will not fit as planned. If you have time, they will also ship you another dress for the same price of your rental to use for your event. In emergencies they can overnight one to you as well. Worst case scenerio- no dress fits, you can get a credit towards a future rental and head to your nearest TJ Maxx ASAP!

6)Share With A Friend. Your second rental on this site is only $25 with any dress rental. So if you want to save even more money go in it with a friend and split the cost of the first rental and the $25 fee for the second dress. You will get two different dresses then each with two different sizes. A few of my friends have done this for some of the weddings I attended last year and it worked out well!

7) Return On Time! This is very important. You will have your rental for either 4 days or 8 days. It arrives with a self addressed envelope to use to return it. Make sure to use that envelope and drop it in any USPS blue mailbox when it is due.

Here are $50 favorites of mine for Spring. If you use a coupon code they will be even cheaper!

Rebecca Taylor $50 (Dina Manzo wears this on her HGTV show intro for Dina’s Party)


Halston Heritage $50


Tracy Reese $50


Lilly Pulitzer $50


Badgley Mischka $50


Just remember, celebs borrow attire all the time when they attend Fashion Shows and Red Carpet Events. I know renting dresses is a hard concept to get your head around at first. However, after staring in my closet and seeing so many dresses I’ve only worn once, it makes me realize what a novel idea this site is for all ladies who attend a large number of events each year.

Have you ever rented from RTR? What was your experience like? Please keep me posted! Have a great day and thanks for reading!


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