Rainy Day Hues

I hope you all had a nice weekend. Today started off as one of those rainy Mondays. Not only is it hard to get out of bed, but having the energy to get ready and iron your outfit to start the week is that much more difficult on days like this.

Thankfully, my trusty clothing steamer by Joy Mangano never fails me when I need it most especially when I am in a rush.

Source: hsn.com via Caitlin on Pinterest


I received this as a gift for Christmas in yellow. At the time, my set also came with a mini travel steamer (that I brought with me to NC). Although the reviews online were very good, I still had doubts about this until the first time I used it. I now find myself turning to this day in and out to get my clothes ready and get myself out the door faster. It warms up in 2 minutes and I can get an outfit done in less time that than. It also is great on refreshing upholstery or curtains hanging in your house too!

The price for this ranges from $27.99 to $44.95 and you can purchase them here.  They come in a variety of hues so you can pick your favorite color or one to match your decor. The”Huggable Hangers” from the same line have also changed my life in terms of closet organization too.

Have you purchased any Joy Mangano products in the past? What do you think of them? Please let me know. Have a great day everyone!


6 thoughts on “Rainy Day Hues

  1. Hi P&C, I’ve been in desperate need of an at home steamer: I was spoiled working in my last job where we had the industrial store model….that thing took the wrinkles out of ANYTHING. this version on HSN looks great….my only question is, how is the durability? Is it flimsy or broken yet? I love the travel size one…great to bring along for an event or if your BF needs a shirt done!

    • Hey Em,

      I had doubts about this one but I absolutely love it. I’ve been using it since Xmas multiple times a week. I also took the mini on a few trips and worked well even in Ireland. The bigger one is def more powerful but the mini gets the job done too. I may be lucky that my fabrics just work well with this. However u do have 30 days so if you don’t love it you can get a full refund. Let me know if u get it!

      • I didn’t even know about the return policy…..that’s great. I know a few women who are addicted to HSN, I can see why! May I ask you about the hangers you mentioned? Why are the huggables so great?

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