GTL Style

Hello there!

I hope you all had a great weekend.

Well I for one consumed a little too many sweets yesterday. So my post is dedicated to my new Gym (sunless)Tan Laundry look. Even in the weight room or on the running trail, it does not hurt to exercise in style!

Lulu Lemon opened up a store in Downtown Boston recently. A few of my friends would travel all the way to the Natick Mall to purchase some of their workout wardrobe pieces prior to this. Yes their clothes are ah-mazing, feel luxurious, and yes they do free hemming on your workout pants, but do you really want to spend $85 on a tank top that you will be sweating in day in and day out? For some you its a no brainer to buy these clothes and to be honest if I could swing it I would totally agree too. But if you are one of those who cannot stand to put their hard earned cash into their gym clothes that may smell pretty bad by Marathon Monday then this post is for you!

Here goes!

For those who’s wallets are not so tightly squeezed, here some Lulu Lemon goodies
$48 Tank


$58 Sports Bra


$86 Cropped Pant


For those who still want to work out look and look good without spending too much, here is some of my favorite gear. I will preference this by saying I get all of my gym clothes from Target and Old Navy. Victoria’s Secret Online also has great yoga gear as well. All of these have great seasonal sales too and that is where I really get the most value. Here goes!

Old Navy $14.97


Old Navy $19.94


Old Navy $16.50


Target $24.99

Source: via Caitlin on Pinterest


Target $16.99

Source: via Caitlin on Pinterest


Old Navy $17.99


Victoria’s Secret $29.50


As for sneakers, if you are on a budget just stick to Marshall’s or TJ Maxx. They have every brand from New Balance to Nike and at least 50% off sticker prices. In a few cases I have found shoes that are still sold at City Sports on Boylston Street are also found in the Marshall’s right next door to it for half off. Legit same exact sneaker!!! DSW also has an amazing selection that you can find online here.

I do have a few pair of sneakers I use, one for spinning class and cardio kick boxing, and another for running. Some of my fashionistas may want to shield their eyes for what I am about to show you. Yes I do own a pair of these. (Do not click this link if you are easily offended). I can honestly say they are the best running shoes I have ever owned. It took me a few months to get use to them and there are some major instructions to follow to ease into them. (You cut your run in these shoes in half to start off and cannot use them more than every other day in the beginning). However after this mild winter and 5 months of use, for me they are great. If you cringe at even the thought of those, my co-worker Laura swears by these ones from Merrell. They are about $100 or less if you are using a coupon code. Depending on how much you work out these may be a good investment.

Source: via Caitlin on Pinterest


I think I am going to add these into my rotation and into my April shopping budget since they are a great hybrid of the regular sneaker and the “barefoot” version.

Where do you get your gym clothes? What sneakers do you swear by? Is Lulu Lemon worth the money? I love hearing your feedback.

Have a great day and Happy Shopping and GTL-ing!


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