Happy Passover & Easter Weekend

I hope whatever holiday you are celebrating this weekend is a fabulous one!

The weather in New England should be sunny so I hope to spend some time walking Pierre on Singing Beach in Manchester By-The-Sea and I’m looking forward to Brunch in Rockport on Sunday with my family.

Today I worked a half day and then ran some errands. I stopped by, in my opinion, the most incredible chocolatier’s store in all of Massachusetts, Pride’s Crossing Confections.

I am a huge chocolate peanut butter fan, but I feel guilt eating supermarket candy filled with preservatives artificial sweeteners. Chris Flynn, the owner, makes everything from scratch and uses fresh ingredients and it tastes so much better that way! He is most well known for his collection of vintage style chocolate molds.


They have chocolate covered matzah and pretty much every other chocolate covered desire that you could think of! Will power is necessary right about now with a bag of these little bunnies in my purse. You can find info for this sweet shop here. It is worth the drive from Boston, and you can take a walk on the beach afterwards down the street.

Have a great weekend everybody!!!


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