Weekend Wardrobe

Hello to my readers!

I am sorry it has been so long, but I promise not to disappoint with more posts in the future!

This weekend I needed to put together an outfit for a formal meal. However the tricky part is that I was told some people may be dressed up and some may be in jeans. So in order to look put together but not too dressy, I started flipping through magazines to get inspired.

I pasted some of my favorite items in this look here:

Items that inspired my look

$140 ;- ;

DKNY skinny pants
$195 ;- ;

Kate Spade slip on shoes
$180 ;- ;

Kate spade bag
$448 ;- ;

Amrita Singh multi strand necklace
$115 ;- ;

$105 ;- ;

Since I do not want to spend a few thousand dollars on an outfit ($100 or less is more like it), I went to H&M and found some amazing looks for less. I bought the shirt, pants, and then used my own bag, shoes, and watch to achieve this chic yet still casual effortless style!

Meet the Parents Brunch

H M blouse
£15 ;- ;

H M long top
£3.99 ;- ;

H&M loose pants
£20 ;- ;

Type Z pointy shoes
$54 ;- ;

Michael Kors stainless steel watch
$250 ;- ;

Forever 21 snake necklace
$5.80 ;- ;

I must say the blouse is so silky in person and I am totally obsessed with these pants. For some reason I never bought pants from H&M since I never thought they would fit right, but I was so wrong. Love these! Also, I happened to print out a 20% coupon for joining the H&M mailing list so with that plus a $5 coupon I had I felt like I barely spent any money!

By just staring at a look you love and keeping your eyes peeled for look-a-likes you are still bound to dazzle and keep your credit card in your wallet!

I hope you all have a great weekend and I will see you all next week :0)


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