..::Bon Anniversaire::..


Just a quick little post today.

Thank you for all the birthday wishes! I am not usually a big birthday person but it is so great to hear from all of mes amis especially the ones who I do not get a chance to see very often. It really means a lot!

(Thank you Lisa for the cupcake from Lulu’s! So delishhh)


My favorite gift today is the most fabulous book by Mary McDonald! I cannot wait to go through each page!


My roommate has an event with her this year and I just may have to try to sneak in to get a chance to meet her!

I also started receiving some bday cards over the past week but I waited until this morning to open them so I had something to look forward to. As you get older it is the little things like this that mean the most!

In addition, ordered these fabulous Les Halles pink jeans a few weeks ago. I kept them in the unopened box since they arrived so I would have a birthday surprise from myself today too. Luckily they are a perfect fit.


And flowers sent to work are not too shabby either! Thank you ❤


Merci Beaucoup again friends for making me so happy! Hope this year will bring wonderful things to all!

Have a great weekend!


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