Fashion Emergency Kit

Happy Friday!

So today, I wanted to share you with you my fashion emergency essentials. I have these exact items in my office drawer at work. You could also leave your version of this in the trunk of your car too. For some of the weddings I have been in over the past two years, I have made an even tinier version that I keep in a small cosmetic pouch. No matter how beautiful your blouse or dress is, if a button pops off, or you spill your coffee, your perfect day can start to go downhill. If you are prepared for the worst, you can handle most any fashion emergency!

Most of the items I generated in this set are a no-brainer.

I will say though that Tide To Go Pen really works wonders in getting stains out. I still do not know how they do it!

I somehow always tend to lose my earring backs so I have bought a set that has a variety so there is always a perfect (temporary) fix.

Having band-aids on hand for you or a friend breaking in new shoes will make your day/evening much more enjoyable.

I cannot say enough about double stick fashion tape. I have help to save numerous colleagues from wardrobe malfunctions. It works great on broken hems to buy time before you can repair them or get to the tailor. You can buy it cheap on Amazon so do not get it at the little boutiques that charge $20.

Fashion Emergency Kit ESSENTIALS

What are your MUST HAVE items in your fashion emergency kit?

Have a great weekend!


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