Blues Jeans Bar Boston

I hope you all had a great weekend!

This post is for my Boston gals 🙂

Tonight I went to an event with my friend Katie. We were supporting her friend Meg’s new venture, the online magazine Exercise Your Beauty

The event was held at the The Blues Jeans Bar located on Newbury Street in Boston.


At the event we learned some great workout moves to tone your derrière and thighs. Meg created these work outs easy enough to be done right in your own home (or tiny city apartment) using things you already have like your body as resistance and towels instead of sliders for squats.

After learning these great techniques, the staff at The Blues Jeans Bar literally took our order over the bar for what type of jeans we liked from colors, rise, flare to skinny & waist size. (We were also given some delicious wine.) Then staff brought their suggestions to our fitting room to try on. Based on the first batch they could then narrow down to other choices to eventually find the perfect fit. With over 40 brands in every cut imaginable this store really carries something for everyone!


The whole point of Meg’s event was to show you that no matter where you are in your fitness goal (whether you need to lose 50 pounds or just do some extra toning) you have so many options out there to help make yourself feel more beautiful. Having a consultant help you find the perfect jean is so uplifting because no matter what your shape is, there is a jean that will flatter you and give you that confidence you need in such a versatile staple. There is no need to feel that nothing will look good on you. Whether it is help from a store like this or shopping with a friend with a good eye, finding the right clothes that fit will really make a difference in your outlook when you walk out the door each day!


My recessionistas may be wondering why I am including this in my blog since I am all about affordability these days. Having one pair of investment jeans is really worthwhile because not only will these be your go to item but they will last you for years! Also I always divide in my head the cost of the item by how many times you will actually wear it and trust me you get an amazing return on investment.
If you are going to lay down $100+ on a pair of jeans make sure youLOVE them and that they are the perfect fit!


Ironically today and for the next two days on LivingSocial.comthere is a coupon for $35 that gets you $75 towards a pair of jeans from The Blues Jeans Bar. The deal expires in August so if money is tight now you could potentially buy the promotion and save up over the next few months until you are ready to make the purchase.

If anyone else has been here and had an equally awesome experience please let me know! If you have another jean Mecca please send that along too!

Happy Shopping!


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