Trend Spotting- Pink, Orange, and Red

Good Morning!

Today I wanted to focus on a trend I am seeing everywhere! It is the color blocking trend. The one that I love the best is where you use at least two of the following colors in your outfit- Pink, Orange, or Red. Normally this is NOT something I would even consider doing. Most of you know my wardrobe is very basic (black, grey, white) and I usually add my pops of color through accessories.


On Wednesday night, I was in Bloomingdale’s at the Chestnut Hill Mall and Mannequins decked out in this trend were everywhere! (Not something you think you would usually see around the Holiday Season).


If you went into Kate Spade you would see the same thing, but using bright tights or pants and colorful bags to achieve the look.


I know this trend is not for everyone, but I wanted to share with you a few looks that I am loving now. They do use this trend very literally:


As I mentioned, you may think that this is too bright and too risky for you. So how about taking a simple black dress and incorporating red-ish shoes and and orange bag with it? You can still use the trend but in a way that makes you feel comfortable!



One thing kind of cool about this is that you may already those red skinny pants that have been so in this season, and a bright pink shirt from this summer. You can take pieces from your own closet without having to make any purchases to get this look. If not, H&M and Forever 21 have this trend in every way imaginable- from tights, to pants, dresses and belts. I recently bought an orange dress from H&M collection (and I stacked that Red Statement necklace with it). So that was my small way of using this trend.(See Blog: Statement Necklaces).

Love this trend? Absolutely hate it? Let me know your comments!
Have a great weekend!


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