Shopping On A Budget 101: Lesson One Online Shopping

Hi Ladies,

If you are like me, you have stacks of fashion magazines on your ottoman, and you endlessly scroll through sites like or to see the latest of what everybody who is everybody is wearing. If you are lucky enough to look up the price tags of these items, they are large enough to put your stomach in knots. Just because you work a 9-5 and may make in a year what some of these celebs spend in one month- do not fret! There are plenty of ways to get the look for less.

In the past few years, I was a big proponent of scouring your local Marshalls, TjMaxx or Filene’s Basement for the best deals. I would also sign up for e-mail alerts from Bloomies and Victoria’s Secret and to be notified of sales and coupon codes.

However, it has gotten a whole lot easier with these membership sites. The PROS- you get access to AMAZING designer clothes for many cases at 80% off or more. The CONS- you are in a rush to buy it. Most are only available for 24 hours so you cannot really think out your purchase. Also there are limited quantities so if you do not login right away you may lose the item in your size. Here are my favorite:


Has by far the best deals of any site. Who can say no to $39 Badgley Mischka Shoes? The Cons: You only get store credit when you return an item. However this can be used on not only my habit, but it’s parent site so your money will never be wasted. 12 PM EST Sale Starts daily


Source: via Caitlin on Pinterest



Another Amazing site. Has great items, may not always be the best deals. CONS- in many cases they ship through other vendors so make sure to verify that the delivery date works for you! 11 AM EST Sale Starts Daily


I use this site the most. They have some amazing sales both morning and night. Three pairs of bcbg heels for under $100 total, yes please! CONS- they have something called first row so you must pay extra to login and access the site early If you are not a first row member you may miss out on your size. Luckily that hasn’t been the the case so far. 11 AM EST Sale Starts Daily for non 1st Row Members.


I would say similar to RueLaLa. Cons- Same concept check ship date. For the most part though they do ship fast. 11 AM EST Sale Starts Daily

Gilt Groupe

They by far have the access to the most luxurious items. That being said they still come with a price tag. However it is still significantly discounted. 12 PM EST Sale Starts Daily.

So readers, look if you dare, but beware because its very tempting to spend a lot in these sites when the deals are so good. Let me know what other sites you use that I can add to my list or if you have any comments on the sites above. Happy Shopping!!!


Caiti Grace


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